Pair of Heart

The 2014 Catalyst Games has a new category: pairs.
In 2012, we added a Team category. It proved popular among veterans (it’s really fun) and rookies (it’s much less scary.) Last year, the number of Teams swelled enormously.
The nature of events in the 2014 Catalyst Games lends itself to partners as well as teams. The workload will be challenging, but you’ll still have a buddy to help shoulder the load.
Teams at the 2014 Games can be veteran athletes, or beginners. They can be any combination of male and female. And they’ll do the same amount of work as a Team of four, with the same time caps.
For example, if a team event is “Angie” – 100 pullups, pushups, situps and squats for time – and each of the four team members do 25 reps, a partnership would mean 50 reps per person. If a team event is 50 tire flips for time, that work is simply split between two people instead of four. These are simplifications; “same amount of work” could mean different things in different events. For example, if a 1-Mile Run is an event, all members of a team run the mile…but perhaps not at the same time. A partnership might simply run a mile each, together, or 2 miles each, or together. We’ll tell you in advance.

  • First-timers who aren’t quite ready to go solo yet.
  • Veterans who think their best buddy is probably the second-fittest person around.
  • Workhorses who can go long but perhaps not quite as fast.

Absolutely. We’ve always split competitors into “Fin’ it or Win It” groups. If your partnership is looking to complete the challenge that is the Catalyst Games, we simply won’t record your scores. You can earn the shirt, do the workouts and go home happy. Scale it any way you like (we’ll keep you honest.)
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