It's Podium Week!

Time to win.
You’ve been training, not just exercising. You’ve been living like an athlete all month.
The hours you’ve put in have been leading to something more than the NEXT hours, more than a smaller size on your pants, more than just triceps. Knowingly or not, you’ve been building toward a podium.
Next week, you’ll begin to participate in a worldwide fitness event–the largest ever held. There will be a leader board; whether you check it a hundred times a day or check it never, it will float around out there, measuring. You against you, Jim 2014 vs. Jim 2013, progress vs. stagnation. But here’s the good part: you’re going to win BEFORE the competition starts.
If you PR your front squat, your consecutive double-unders or your ‘Angie’ time before the Open begins, you’ve already proven that you’re better than ever before. Your worldwide rank won’t matter if you finally conquer the 24″ box of which you’ve been fearful for the last year. So we’re going straight to the medal round.
Each day this week, you’ll be given something we’ve never given before: a choice. Don’t be frightened.
Rather than provide one rep scheme, we’ll provide a choice of three. Pick the one you’re sure you can beat.
Example: 1-rep-max front squat OR five-rep-max front squat OR 20-rep-max front squat.
All ganged up after a strength cycle? Hit a PR front squat, no problem. Fit, but not at a max-lift peak? Hit a 5RM. Unsure? No problem: go for twenty.
Afterward, we’ll do a little workout with the same theme. Thursday, we’ll rest and wait for 14.1, the first announcement of the CrossFit Games Open. But show up Monday through Wednesday: you won’t want to miss your shot at the title.