Rock 'n Row This Saturday!

Amygdala, meet Gavin Grant.

This is the face that rowed over two million metres. In one month, he rowed the equivalent distance of running from the Sault to Orlando, FLA. That sound like YOUR spring break holiday?

With hundreds of hours in the seat, Gavin Grant's learned a couple of things. #1: Butt pad = good. #2: Don't pull too high.

This Saturday, the World Record Holder for most metres rowed in a month will be here – FREE – at 8am to coach. Stay for the CrossFit group at 9am (by punch card) and do rowing challenges with Gavin. Learn from a guy who's been in the trenches – for 10-16 hours per day, practicing.  He's been talking to Greg Hammond at Concept2 almost weekly; he's been coaching OPP officers on rowing and kettlebells for months.

Sign up online here – limited to the first 20 to sign up! 

(You can participate in the Rowing seminar without staying for the CrossFit group at 9am. But if you DO stay, the regular CrossFit Group rates apply. Thanks.)

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