Saturday Crew Hits 'Barbara' and CrossFit Intro Group This Saturday!

CrossFit is more than a workout posted on a website.  It is a 

community of like minded, hard working individuals who believe in a system 

of short, intense, constantly varied exercises and its supporting nutritional 

beliefs.  The exercises are full body, functional, and demand attention to form.  

Our focus will be first on perfect movement. 


It has long been said that CF is potent medicine and the best way to approach 

it is from a long, slow on ramp. 

Our Introduction to Crossfit Workshop is designed to take people through the basics of the CrossFit exercises and prepare athletes for moving into Workout of the Day (WOD) classes with a firm grasp of the movements and intelligent substitutions for exercises that suit their specific needs.  Enrollment will be limited to 6 people in the workshop to insure more individual attention for each athlete.   The emphasis will always be on skill development before intensity. 


We will begin with the non-technical and get progressively more technical. 
 The cost of the Introduction to Crossfit Workshop is $60, plus GST.

Upon completion, you'll be given a punch card for 4 CrossFit group sessions 
($52 value!)

The benefits will last you forever, whether you continue with CrossFit or not.

What to Expect:
90 Minutes of constant coaching and practice in 9 fundamental movements: the squat, front squat, press, push press, Jerk, pullup, deadlift, kettlebell swing, and Clean.  We'll finish with a quick, unweighted 'Fran': a Crossfit classic WOD.  We'll discuss CrossFit philosophy and methodology; we'll answer questions; we'll laugh and cheer and sweat.  After this brief introduction, you'll be ready to join our mainstream CrossFit groups with a sound foundation in the basics.
Though we'll use only minimal weight (usually a piece of PVC pipe!) this is a tough workout, and will likely leave you very tired the next day.  We build skill through repetition, and that takes its toll.  Even those familiar with doing common exercises like squatting will change and improve their technique, and should be prepared to 'feel it' the next day!


You may find it impossible to go back to your old gym after one week of high-intensity workouts here. CrossFit is quickly growing because thousands of individuals continue to see incredible results from workouts that last only 20-30 minutes each day. If you are willing to commit we can help you achieve levels you simply never thought your body was capable of performing.