Summer League Event 8: Minute To Win It Redux

You knew it was coming back–right?
“It would be interesting to try that without the traverse,” was a common comment after ‘Minute To Win It’ last month. Tonight, we’re hitting it again. No pullups, all fitness.
One minute at each station. Reps go up every round. Reps must be split evenly among team members.
Pushups: 80 total the first round, 100 total the second round, 120 total the third round…
Air Squats: 80 total the first round, 100 total the second round, 120 total the third round…
Tire Flip: 4 total the first round, 8 total the second round, 12 total the third round…(women and men use different tires.)
Med Ball Slam Dunks: 12 total the first round, 16 total the second round, 20 total the third round…
Spear: Throw 4 PVC sticks through a tire the first round; 8 the second; 12 the third…
Reps must be split evenly between team members at each station, even if there are only one or two left in the game.
Teammates can all move at once.
Pushups: must maintain a plank. Chest and thighs to deck.
Tire flip: must land flat after every rep. 500 for men, 250 or 350 for women.
Med ball slam dunks: wrist must pass over the pullup bar on a squat rack. Two racks available at once.
Spear: Spears must be collected and returned to the start line by the throwing team before the minute expires. Eliminated teammates may aid in the collection of thrown spears.
No rest between stations or rounds.
Team #1 will start on pushups. They do 20 pushups each, and rest until the air squats. On the squats, one member can’t complete all 20; that member is out. The other three members must still do 4 tire flips at the next station.
As players are eliminated, the workload increases for everyone else. It’s of obvious benefit to keep all players in the game as long as possible.
Last team with a player moving wins. If two teams go out at the same challenge, it’s a tie. Get furthest.
Last-place team goes first.