SuperMeet 2013

December 21 may be our favorite day all year. Supermeet, Catalyst Family Dinner, and The Gift.
First, the Supermeet. Two hours to hit maxes in six lifts: the snatch, the clean and jerk, the squat, the press, the deadlift and the weighted pull-up. Do it in any order, and record your total. Barbell Bettys will be wrapping up their term (their new group starts Nov 7) and I’m sure we’ll see some BIG lifts from those gals. Others have been training various “strength cycles” and we’ll be eager to see their results. Start anytime between 9 and noon, but stick to the 2:00 clock!
Next, the Catalyst Family Dinner. Paleoish, bring a dish. This year, we’ll have a slideshow about CrossFit’s activities in Kenya (where Coop traveled in October.) For authenticity, we’ll be killing and barbecuing a goat…just kidding. It’s a few hours of chatting and socializing with the best people in town.
Finally, “The Gift.’ One of the best things Catalyst does every year is to sponsor local kids who won’t get much of a Christmas. We buy them stuff like coats and dolls, and then a local service agency picks them up and delivers them. Kath Fryia has offered (generously) to coordinate the event again, and we’re hoping for a December 21st pickup. We’ll have a link to a facebook group up soon, and we’ll put up details as we get closer. Here’s our video from last year:

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