Supermeet 2014

On Sunday, December 14, we throw DOWN.
Supermeet 2014 is here!
Every year, we celebrate our strengths with a two-hour test. It’s the day EVERYONE hits a PR at SOMETHING. It’s the day when we max out on the six big lifts. It’s the day we completely empty the CNS tank. And it’s the one day of the year when it’s okay to use the #gainz hashtag.
In a two-hour window, you’ll work up to three max attempts at six lifts:
Back Squat
Clean and Jerk
Weighted Pullup.
…and add up your total. Compare it to last year.
But THIS year, we introduce the bodyweight coefficient calculation. We’ll be using the Siff formula (Wilks formula for Masters and Teens, because there’s better supporting data.) If you’d like to play around with some numbers, click here to use the same calculator we’ll be using. Keep in mind that most online calculators are in kilograms.
After the Supermeet, ten kids will get to do our first ever Toy Hack, and then we’ll all sit down to a Catalyst family dinner (sign up here to let Carolle know what you’re bringing.) Barbell party!

How does your back squat stack up against your press? This is a great time to find holes in your game.