The Teen Gauntlet at Catalyst

Tomorrow at 10am, a few of our Varsity teens will test their skills against the world.
Athletes: please arrive by 9:30am for movement standards testing. These will be recorded and submitted to CrossFit Kids HQ. Catalyst coaches may ask you to change divisions depending on your technique, NOT your strength or intensity.
Judges: we’ll have several CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids coaches on staff to judge.
Catalyst family: we’ll be asking you to move around a little during these workouts, but PLEASE feel free to show up early and stay late to cheer for these kids!
Junior Varsity athletes: you’re welcome to perform the first two events (scaled) during your regular group time. Non-competing Varsity athletes: even if you didn’t register, show up and try one, two or all of the WODs!
In WOD 1, there are 50 thrusters for Varsity and JV, Novice is the only scaled division, the med ball toss is considered part of WOD 1. WOD 1video 
WOD 2 – Handstand walk WOD 2 video
WOD 3 – Shuttle run WOD 3 video
WOD 4 – Last teen standing WOD 4 video