The CrossFit Games Open at Catalyst

If you've been anywhere near the Park in the last 24 hours, your hair is probably STILL standing on end from the electricity. The Open will be very exciting this year…and in front of the home crowd, too!

Catalyst has a competitive Team – the Green Army – who has been training for months. They're ready to rip – but they need your help, too. Choose to compete; choose to spectate; help keep the attitude electric at the Park!

The Open is a qualifier for the Regional event – we're in the Canada East area. The top 60 men and women in Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes will battle for the top 2 spots…and then on to the CrossFit Games. We've also got a great shot at qualifying a group in the Team competition.

How The Events Will Run

Tuesday – events released.

Thursday – 5:30pm – athletes' meeting – Green Army Team only.

5:45 – Green Army Team flights begin.  Show up and scream!

Thursday – 7:00pm (approximately) – non-Team athletes will do the Open WOD as part of the 7pm CrossFit group (yes, this means you'll need a CrossFit punch card to participate.)  Athletes will still be judged, and their scores entered just like the Team athletes. 

Note to the 7pm CrossFit group: we'll still scale the workouts for you, don't worry. We'd love to have you with us; please forgive us if we're running a few minutes behind on Thursdays.

Sunday – 12:00 noon – last chance WOD for Green Army Team and other athletes. Can't make it Thursday, or want a re-do? Show up Sunday at noon.  You MUST complete every WOD during each of the 6 weeks to stay eligible.

This is important: if you're doing the Open, you have two choices: Thursday evening, or Sunday at noon. That's it. We can't judge your entries at any other time.

We want you to participate – heck, we can have an unlimited amount of men and women on our team. The cost to register is $10 at the Games Open Site – and the site is worth it on its own! Compare your scores every week in your Region, or around the world!