The Value of Competition

Our workouts are built on evaluation.
We constantly measure and assess. We change our workouts based on the results of our clients.
Evaluation means comparison: your scores vs your scores last week, or your scores vs your friend’s scores. But sometimes we like to see the greater context: on your best day, how far can you go when you have someone to chase?
“When I ride alone, my wheel is always in front.” – Greg Glassman
It’s also fun. At Catalyst, the purpose of our daily WOD is collaborative competition: you go faster because the girl next to you is pulling ahead. You work harder because the clock is ticking. You rest less because your history is chasing you.
We use tools like SugarWOD to track the strength metrics of every client. On a daily basis, our whiteboard shows how well others are doing. We’re adding more tools all the time, but our greatest measuring stick is the Catalyst Games.
Every year since 2007, we’ve hosted a fitness “festival” in September. We usually go offsite, and compete in singles and teams. Here’s the point:

  • It’s fun.
  • It will keep you training hard through the summer, instead of slacking off.
  • You’ll see your progress up close.
  • You’ll get another “podium” in your life.
  • The shirt.
  • You’ll hit dozens of new PRs if you have a training goal.
  • Personal growth comes ONLY after periods of personal discomfort.

There are literally hundreds more. But the first step is to sign up for the Catalyst Games here. Don’t worry about having a team yet; just commit yourself and watch yourself grow.
If you want some extra prep, the Green Army Group is accepting 5 new members for the summer. 5:30pm on Monday nights, extra homework, and a “comp” atmosphere. Email to try it!

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