Winter Cycling Course

With winter at our doorstep, many people are putting their bicycles away but more and more have discovered that riding a bicycle in the winter is not a big deal. Andre Riopel, year round cyclist and Can Bike instructor says: "There is very little difference in skill levels between riding a mountain bike and riding in snow and ice. With appropriate equipment, including the right type of tires, winter cycling is quite safe." 

Riopel should now. The 50 year old physiotherapist and owner of Velorution bicycle shop has ridden his bicycle almost everyday for the past 28 years and has seen his share of snow storms. "People are afraid of the cold but it's no different than cross country skiing. If you dress for the weather, you don't get cold. In addition to reducing your carbon foot print, winter cycling improves your immune system and keeps you fit."

To help people who might be interested in year round cycling, we are offering a free workshop to be held at Velorution Bicycle and Ski Store, 162 Old Garden River Road which this Saturday at 10 am. Please RSVP by calling us at 253-9388 or email