You've Registered for the Open! Now What?



You’ve succumbed to Philsy’s charms at last.
After reading about how the Open will be different this year, you got a facebook message (or five) from Phil, or Shane, or Linda. Or maybe Boo grabbed both of your hands in hers at noon group, looked you in the eye, and said, “Wouldn’t someone like you enjoy being on a team with someone like me?”
…and how could you resist?
You only have three steps left. First, register yourself on the CrossFit Games site –
Next, choose the CrossFit Catalyst Green Army as your affiliate team.
Finally, get a punch card if you don’t already have one. You’ll be doing your workouts at either a Friday group time or Sunday at noon. You’ll need a regular old CrossFit punch card to be judged (you can pick up a special 5-punch pass here if you don’t have another one.) Want to do the workout twice? No charge for the second attempt – ‘crazy’ is currency enough.
If you haven’t been added to your Intramural team’s facebook group yet, let us know! They wanna use your crazy!