Catalyst GO! Newsletter – April 2009

April Challenge – FIGHT ON FRIDAY
One of Crossfit's most nefarious WODs, "Fight Gone Bad" was so named by BJ Penn after finishing this 17-minute agonyfest. 3 rounds of 1 minute each: push press, sumo high pull, box jump, wall ball, and rower. Most points (reps and calories burned) wins. 30 competitors max, split over 6 flights. 2 flights will be scaled to 50% weight and lower box jump height; 1 flight reserved for coaches and trainers. Thought Murph looked fun? This one's a barn-burner.

March saw a lot of cool new stuff at the Gym: our new Plyo boxes, build and painted by Clint
(featuring Pukie!), our new rice bucket, about a million new pounds of bumper plate, and a dozen new Crossfitters! With the snow melting, we'll soon be throwing open the doors and taking it to the streets. Where can I buy a 'Farmers' Walk Crossing' sign?

In May, we'll be celebrating BaseLine Week! All the greatest CrossFit standard WODs will take place within one week – Fran, Angie, Michael… and culminate with a Deadlift Virtualmeet on the 15th. See yourself improve at CrossFit; watch your CAT SCORE go up; hit it hard with the group!

April 17 – Soo Minor Football Preseason Training Camp. This group has been wildly successful every year. Coach Tyler Belanger really brings the messages of strength, fun, and safety home to the kids. 4 weeks' training and FREE 1-month gym membership for the first time!

April 25 – Basic Kettlebell course with Marnie Holley. Basic exercises (and their variations) such as the swing, clean, snatch, press, windmill, and Turkish get-up will be
taught, along with some easier challenges. Expand your workouts! Call 256-1344 to register – only 5 spots left out of 15 at time of writing!

Introduction to Crossfit Group
– Saturday Mornings at 7:30am. Learn all the fundamental movements of human activity: squatting, standing, pressing, pulling, lifting a load to the waist, and lifting a load from floor to overhead. Learn a perfect squat, get started on your road to pullups, and get basic instruction in the clean, jerk, and deadlift! $60 includes 90 minutes' expert instruction, 'Fran,' and a 4-punch Crossfit card (net cost: $0!) to get you started. Location: Industrial Park Gym.

Crossfit Schedule and Rates:





16 SESSIONS: $128


Queen St. Gym: MWF at 7am, Noon, and 7pm

Industrial Park Gym: 7am,9am,Noon,6pm, and 7pm

Sunday Morning Salvation – FREE for gym members; every Sunday morning at 9am. Work to perfect one lift or exercise each week.

Sebastien's article in CrossFit Journal was so well-received that we were requested to submit another article on our 2006-2007 study on exercise adherence. Stay tuned for that one.
Plyometrics Done Properly was timely for this time of year: appropriate for hockey players in the final stages of the season, not great for football players gearing up for summer ball (at least, not yet. Do strength training first!)
Groin Pulls In Hockey addresses a hot topic in the hockey world right now: too much machine-based training is causing NEW injuries! Weightlifting improves strength, power, speed, and agility, yes; but not on a machine.
Of course, if you missed it, Murph was awesome! 23 competitors; spectators with lots of kids and families; and a ton of pictures and video! The day after the event, I asked for pictures to be submitted for a prize. Within 4 hours, I had 180 pictures and 10 minutes of video. This was the winner:

Hockey season is clearly ending; OHL players are home and back in the gym. It's great to see the Juniors again after 6 months away with their respective teams. The North Stars are still going strong (good luck next week, boys!) and the Bantams are pretty well done. They're already pounding away for next year!

Our Personal Trainers are continuing to educate themselves far above and beyond the rest. After last month's coaching in the Olympic lifts, we're hammering the Kettlebells in April. It's extremely helpful for clients to have Trainers with a broad knowledge base, who aren't afraid to try new things (and fail until they get them right.

Also for parents: the Canadian Child Fitness Tax Credit. Click the link for information. You've earned it; claim it!

Catalyst Kids – eligible for the tax credit! – starts March 28! Get signed up now – spots are very close to full!

As always, more information is available by calling our Personal Training Centre at 253-0011 or our membership-based Gym at 256-1344.

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