Catalyst GO! Newsletter – August 2009

Farmers market 100-Mile Challenge Starts August 1!

To participate: Your goal is to eat foods that are produced – from the ground up – within a 100-mile radius of Sault Ste. Marie.  That includes all meat, vegetables, grains, drinks, oils, and anything used in the preparation of your meal.  Since we have a late growing season this year, we'll award points based on meals that are close to 100% local, instead of insisting on some ridiculous and nearly-impossible challenge.  Click here to read more.

Watching the '100-Mile Challenge' on the Food Network, I thought, "our folks could crush these whiners."  After our Zone Challenge in June, I know that our members are resourceful, sharing, and incredibly well-read; we'll do better in Algoma than they did in the Okanagan!

In July, Catalyst Coaches Chris, Mike, Tyler and Whitney competed in the CrossFit Ontario Challenge in Toronto.  Whitney placed an astounding second in Ontario, and was only 1 point out of first!  Final results are here

RingsThe new Catalyst Games 2009 site is active.  Information for Catalyst Games 2009 (September 26!  Get training!) is found there, including competitor classes, registration forms, pictures from 2008, details on preparation….just not the events.  The first two of three events will be released September 19; the last event won't be known until the day of the Games. 

We're down to our last 4 weeks of our tough "Introduction to CrossFit" class on Saturday mornings!  Starting in September, our new OnRamp program will ease CrossFit newbies into the full CrossFit program over 21 days.  Workouts are quick, focusing on mastery of technique, but will take you from absolute beginner to full-fledged CrossFit practitioner in a gradual ramp-up.  The group is only 30 minutes per day, beats the heck out of any Boot Camp out there on the 'fun' scale, and will have improve your fitness level dramatically while you learn.  Think about it: by October 1, you'll be able to walk the walk with those crazy CrossFit fire-breathers you've seen online!
In a rush to get into
?  Call 256-1344 to take the 'crash course' before it ends!  Saturday mornings at 7:30!

Beginning in September, we'll change the way we approach coaching Groups.  Yes, we'll still have Santana's  Indoor Cycling Group, but its approach will be different.  Yes, you'll still be able to access our very popular Beginners' Running Groups.  But we'll also offer 2- and 4-day workshops for more experienced clients, like Power Running (increasing your speed and power using the very latest science,) Powerlifting for Football, Olympic Lifting, and others.  These are very intensive sessions, packed with excellent information and expert coaching.  We're really excited about them!

Almost four years in, we're still growing rapidly.  We're learning as we go.  We pass information along as quickly as we can check its validity, disseminate it, apply it, and rewrite it.  Thanks for paying attention.