Catalyst GO! Newsletter – June 2009

Our 'new' Gym is 1 year old!  Lovingly referred to as 'the Park' by most CrossFit enthusiasts, we've seen some big changes, some huge growth, and a LOT of craziness.  Thanks to everyone for making it worthwhile.
IMG_1766 May was another month of expectations exceeded, records shattered, new levels reached, and old limits left behind.  BASELINE week was the highlight; over 50 people doing CrossFit every single day, cranking our PRs and making us use up a LOT of chalk on the record board!  Shockingly (perhaps not,) folks were still hitting Fran on Friday as hard as they'd attacked Michael on Monday.  Some had personal bests at every single WOD.   Think, for a moment, about the level of fitness necessary to accomplish that feat: not only can you FINISH the week, but actually show improvement over previous levels while under extreme fatigue.  Unbelievable.
IMG_1836 May also saw a few clients reap the benefits of CrossFit-crossover into their sport.  We saw personal bests in the Marathon distance from veteran Marathoners who thought they'd passed their prime; we saw faster 5km runs from runners who believed they were on a gradual downhill slope into obscurity.  Amazing.  We saw the womens' deadlift record pass the 300lbs mark.  We saw higher box jumps, bigger presses, and one giant chain take a lap or two around the parking lot. We saw 30 soldiers from the Canadian Forces do "Louder Than 11" before the sun rose.  We had 32 high school students do 'Fight Gone Bad' in a very intense environment.  And we had our very first Client Party at the Park gym!

And now, for something completely different….. RAID THE ROPES!  We're going to mash up CrossFit with Treetops Adventures (Goulais.)  On June 27th, we'll have a brief introduction, an aerial WOD on the ropes, do some ziplining, and then have some free 'play time.'  Please bring the kids (ages 9 and up,) but sign everyone up early!  There's limited space available, and this is one you DON"T want to miss. $32 for a truly unforgettable WOD!
IMG_1845 Before 'Raid The Ropes,' though, is our inaugural NCC Strongman Challenge.  On June 6, we'll return to our roots: the parking lot behind our 'first' Catalyst facility on Queen Street.  The Challenge is open to everyone; participants in our free Tuesday night Strongman Group will feel right at home on the 3 events: seated Truck Pull, Medley, and Log Press.  Sign up the day of the event, or by calling 256-1344.

You're invited to a free 'garage door' showing of Every Second Counts, the CrossFit Movie.  Bring a lawn chair and your beverage of choice!  This is a great keyhole into the lives of those preparing for the CrossFit Games; it's hard, it's very intense, and it's a bit graphic, so reserve a sitter!  We'll post a date as soon as our copy arrives, but it will be a weekend in June.

IF YOU HAVEN'T yet signed up for our 2009 Hockey Camps, better make that call. To maintain our high quality level, we cap our groups at a low number.  Call 253-0011 to get in!

DSCN0573 THE REALLY, REALLY BIG NEWS:  FOREVER FIT is opening at our Downtown Gym!  June 1!

I know what you're thinking: THAT doesn't look like the empty room downtown!  Kris has done a lot of work to improve it, and there's more to come (don't want to spoil the surprise yet, but it's BIG, BIG news for the Downtown area!)  Click the coupon below to print off a full-size image and save $$$ on your supplements in June!

July is closing in fast, and with it comes the annual Coach Migration: Chris moves back downtown during the day time, Ty starts mornings at the Park, and Mike coaches hockey players by the dozen at the Park too.  On July 18, Chris, Kris, Mike, Tyler and Whitney will compete in the Ontario CrossFit Challenge in Oakville, ON, against 100 of the top CrossFitters in Ontario.  Watch the site every Friday for their updates and athlete bios!

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