Catalyst Seminar Series: Michelle Young

The newest member of the Catalyst Team, Michelle is already digging in to help. This Saturday at 10, she’ll be our presenter at the Catalyst Seminar Series. It’s free to Catalyst family members, friends and the public!
Click here to reserve your spot! 100% free, and tremendously useful!
To read more about Michelle’s services (and other therapies available at Catalyst,) click here.
What’s Athletic Therapy? A combination of prevention, assessment, immediate care, rehabilitation and reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries (injuries to your muscles, bones and joints). After assessing an injury, an Athletic Therapist will create a custom rehabilitation and reconditioning program for each patient’s needs. Athletic Therapists use various techniques as part of their rehabilitation programs including manual therapy, therapeutic modalites and exercise. In addition, Athletic Therapists can provide taping and bracing support to help prevent injuries from occuring or re-occuring. Athletic Therapists also maintain their First Responder certification; whether covering a sporting event or in a clinic setting, an Athletic Therapist can respond to emergencies and seek appropriate medical care. Everyone can benefit from Athletic Therapy, regardless of their level of activity. An Athletic Therapist can help you return to your activities of daily living, work, hobbies and sports.