Why We Don't Have Contracts at Catalyst

If you’re shopping for gyms, you’ve probably braced yourself for the big pitch:
“It’s only twenty-nine dollars per month! Sign here. Oh, and the signup fee is another three hundred…but we can finance that for you!”
Here are three questions you should ask the salesperson or trainer:
1. How long am I committing to this contract?
2. What are the upfront costs?
3. What if I don’t like it?
See, globogyms make their bank on contracts. They want you to sign up for as long as possible, even at a low monthly rate, and then discourage you from showing up. It’s not an accident, and it’s not your fault: it’s the gym’s business plan. They’re banking on your failure. Read a report about it on NPR’s website here.
They also want to offer you a “deal,” so they make up “signup fees” and then discount them. “Sign up in January, and we’ll waive the signup fee!” is one of the largest scams in the industry.
Finally, if you don’t like it, you won’t come. And that’s the point.
But not here.
We don’t use contracts at Catalyst. Cancel anytime you want. The vast majority stick around for years, because they like it.
CrossFit is for everyone, but group training isn’t. About 40% of our clients prefer to work one-on-one with a trainer. And you can meet with one for FREE–just book an appointment in their calendar. These are career coaches, not students waiting for their acting careers to take off.
When you start, you’ll do some one-on-one training with a coach. Five sessions to start the process of learning to move better. Zero “signup fees” or “membership activation fees.”
If you don’t show up, we’ll call you. When you’re successful and happy, we’re successful and happy. That’s OUR model. Ask any Catalyst client. Read the reviews on our facebook page, or read our members’ stories on our site. Then come in and talk: book a free No-Sweat Intro by clicking here. You’ll see the difference immediately.