On October 25, Catalyst will turn eight years old.
We still get the question, “How long have you guys been around?” as if our ID is being checked. Few know our history, but most see our future.
There are several dozen who DO know our history. Some saw the painted wallpaper above the wedding planner’s shop at 645 Queen; others learned to snatch on the “no-drop floors” above the sweater shop. All found their own way to our door, grew from the experience, and we grew with them. Catalyst was Business of the Year for the Sault in 2012; our Ignite program has licensed affiliates around the world; we’ve helped hundreds of kids have a Christmas; and we’ve helped 320 other CrossFit gyms help their members better, too. In September, we’ll invite you to the new Catalyst on White Oak Drive. It will look different, but feel the same. And we want to minimize the transition for our Elders: current members of the Catalyst Family.
Our rates are changing on Sept. 1. Our elders’ rates won’t. Unless, of course, they like the new options better.
If you have any active membership at Catalyst today, nothing will change. Show up to the new gym on Opening Day and bang your drum. Or try the NEW membership option (you’ll see it soon. It’s awesome.) New members will have the new options, and you’ll keep yours as long as your membership goes unbroken.
No matter when you started, thanks for being part of the Catalyst Family on August 22. We love you all.

1 thought on “Elders”

  1. Chris.
    Thank you for all your help. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, as that of the Coaches, I am excited for the changes I have read about and will continue to be an “Elder”
    Regards. Will Kaupp