A League Of Our Own

“Can Philsy come out and play?”
As kids, the neighbourhood call to action was always the same. Meet at the sandlot. Bring a glove. Don’t bring your little brother, unless your mom makes you. Get home before dark.
CrossFit provides us the unique opportunity, as adults, to play. There are games, yes; serious games, with scorekeeping and record-breaking and long-term tracking. Sometimes there are referees. But every day, we also take a recess from CrossFit class and simply play.
Open Gym is our sandlot.
For several hours every day, Catalyst family members are mixed in the METCON melting pot. Our 7am crew knows our 7pm crew, because they play together at Open Gym. This is rare, even in CrossFit gyms. And now, we’re taking the feeling of summer sport to a new level.
Introducing the Catalyst Summer League. Wednesday nights from 8-10pm, Coach Taryn will reveal and referee a new type of workout. Teams will compete head-to-head for points.
Each team will consist of two men and two women. Substitutions can be made, but fifth members must be named in advance. Fifth members can also belong to another team, but can’t compete for two teams on any given week. All team members must have an Open Gym membership to compete, or be part of the Catalyst Varsity program.
Recruitment will begin soon. For now, team Captains can register online through our site (click here if you’d like to be a Captain!)
Get ready. This will be a WHOLE NEW experience!