Pick Up The Bar

You need to be stronger.
If you don’t work out, you have to start. You already know this to be true. If you hate “the gym,” you’ll love Catalyst: no mirrors, no dress code, just fun and hard work. Like pickup hockey, but the bathrooms are much nicer.
If you exercise at another gym, you have to stop using machines and become one yourself. Get strong where it matters: picking up heavy stuff. Lifting it overhead. Carrying it around.
If you train at Catalyst already, great. You already know the value of weightlifting; here’s the path forward in the pursuit of more strength. We have two classes starting in September focusing on strength training:
1) Barbell Bettys – Our most popular basic lifting group, Bettys is for women ONLY. Learn to deadlift (pick stuff up from the ground,) squat (sit down and stand up while under load) and press (push stuff over your head or just away from you in general.) 10 women, 6 weeks. Mondays at 8pm. Led by Jessica Sally, one of the strongest woman in town (that’s her in the picture. She can deadlift 300lbs, but you don’t have to.)
Open Gym membership required for homework.
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2) Fall Weightlifting – a 10-week coached progression in the Clean, Snatch and Jerk. Love the OLY lifts? You’re not alone. Gather with a group of like-minded speed-lifters every Thursday night at 8pm, and have your form fixed by Charity Elliott (USAW Level 1, CFL1, B.Sc.) Get stronger! Get faster! Hit PRs by Christmas!
Starts October 9. Open Gym membership required for homework. ($199 for nonmembers, $119 for members. Nonmember rate includes 2 months of Open Gym.)
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