Summer League 2014 Details

The Sport of Fitness is taking its next steps at Catalyst!
Wednesday nights all summer, we’ll host the Catalyst League: teams of four going head-to-head in workouts.
TEAMS: 2M, 2W, 1 spare (but M:W ratio must be maintained. Spare can belong to another team, but can only compete for one team on each workout.) If four teammates
WORKOUTS: Head-to-head format. Scaling is possible, but time or task penalties will apply.
POINTS: 1 point each week per participating teammate. 5 points for a win (best overall score) and 3 points for second place each week. Special events (Midnight 5k, Catalyst Games, Muddy Moose) will carry bonus points for participants’ teams.
Team “Fran”
Teams of four work their way through 21-15-9 of thrusters and burpees in a faceoff against another team. The catch: there’s only one pullup bar. The first team to the pullup bar starts their pullups, and maintains possession of the bar until they drop. Then the second team gains possession, and holds until they drop. First team through wins.
REGISTER YOUR TEAM: Choose a captain, and have them send a finalized team list to Make sure everyone on your team knows they’ve been drafted! You’ll receive further instructions from there.
COST: Free for those with Open Gym memberships, or by punch card.
ONE MORE THING: There will be a ‘mystery’ workout over the course of the League that will be announced 24 hours before it occurs. This workout might not occur on Wednesday nights (or any night, or midnight, or…) or at the gym. If a teammate can’t make the workout, no problem; commit to as many players as possible.

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