What Goes On At Crossfit Basics?

IMG_2376f you've been on this site more than once, you'll likely have noticed all out 'Tweets' (below, side) about Crossfit Basics, on Saturday Mornings.  Mostly, they're about how quickly the group is filling.  Last week, for instance, the group was overfilled by Wednesday; on Friday, we added a second group, and it filled in about 3 hours.
What's with the mad rush to try Crossfit Basics?  I'll try to break it down.
First, it's a great introduction to Crossfit.  If you've never heard of Crossfit, here's a glimpse at one reporter's first experience:

…you can also read lots more about it here.
Second, even if you never, ever plan on attending another Crossfit class, the Crossfit Basics course is a terrific introduction to human movement.  You'll learn how to do basic, fundamental things better: squat down and stand up, pick up a heavy object from the floor easily without risk of injury, lift things overhead, pull yourself up….  all good stuff.  Important stuff.  Stuff you may already be doing, but could be doing better.  

Third, you'll get to learn and experiment with exercises you've maybe only dreamed of doing: cleans, jerks, pullups….. You'll get to drop weights from overhead (in fact, we'll expect if of you.)  You'll try new stuff along with other beginners from across the fitness spectrum.  You'll practice together, share frustration and laughs, and then triumph.

Fourth: your first Fran.  A real, live CrossFit WOD, Fran is typically completed in under 7 minutes.  Want to know how a 7-minute workout (or less!) can possibly be tough?  Try it once, using only a 2lbs pipe, and you'll know.  But you'll do it.  You'll have done CrossFit.  You can brag.

Finally, the price is virtually nothing.  Yes, you have to pay $60 to reserve your sport, but you'll get $52 back in CrossFit punch cards, so that you can immerse yourself in CrossFit afterward.  You may thank us, or you may liken us to drug dealers giving you that first little taste of cocaine…..

Starting this week, you'll get a nice little certificate and your picture on our site!  Who could ask for more?
Call 256-1344 to sign up.  Hurry – we only take 7 people MAX per week!

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