What Is A Gym?

You probably know this finger-play: “Here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the door and see all the people.” It’s a neat trick for kids.
But we know the truth: the rhyme is backward.  Any good pastor will tell you his church IS the people.
Few members of the Catalyst Family know this, but I spend a good portion of every week on the phone with other gym owners. I’ve spoken with more than 800 of them over the last three years (many of them several times.) They’re all trying to figure out what makes Catalyst special.
Here’s what I tell them:
“It’s not the building. I love the building, but it’s not the gym.”
“It’s not our equipment. I love our equipment, but that’s not the gym.”
“It’s not our schedule. The schedule is great, but that’s not the gym, either.”
Turn your hands around. Wiggle your fingers. See all the people? THAT is Catalyst.
The Sixes and The Sevens? THEY’RE Catalyst.
My noon group, playing The Good Game? THEY’RE Catalyst.
That raging torrent of Junior Varsity athletes learning to squat, the Varsity athletes learning to lift, and the Varsity Sport athletes learning to lead? THEY’RE Catalyst.
The “Last Call” evening groups? The Bettys, the Privates, the Opens, and Sweat Factory? THEY are us, and we are THEM.
There’s no secret decoder ring, no magical marketing. There’s just real magic. It passes through the coaches, and shines from our signs, but it comes from YOU. Thank you.
Thank you for adding five pounds to the bar. Thank you for trying to fit that ninth round under the cap. Thank you for showing up, day after day, and leaving your sweat behind. Thank you for spending the best hours of your day with us. Thank you for the smiles, the high-fives, and for writing your good name on our white board.
Treadmills make a cardio centre. Heart makes a gym. I love you all. Merry Christmas!