Christmas Presents for CrossFitters

Yesterday, we posted a guide on what not to buy for the fitness-inclined.  Today: the solution.  In no particular order:

LaraBars.  Gluten-free, unsweetened, usable by those doing Zone OR Paleo. 

130The Zone Live Lecture ebook. Why didn't The Zone book stay popular?  Well, it was kinda complicated.  In this 90-minute lecture, Barry Sears lays out his best advice: how to 'ballpark' Zone eating.  We did a little writeup here.

Chucks.  Best lifting shoe out there.  You don't need the original (since Nike bought out Converse, Chucks have gone from under $20 to over $60) but they're the best lifting shoes out there.  We even have our own pair with the Catalyst arrow on them!

Every Second Counts: The Movie.  Chronicles the training and lives of some of the top-rated competitors of the 2008 CrossFit Games.  Note: if you know who has my copy, get it back for me.  That can count as my gift.

Tooth.  This was from FranFest, by way of Michele Irwin's mouth:

Second Skin.  See hand, above. 


Tape.  To be applied over the Second Skin.

MuscleUps/Double-Unders/Butterfly Kips.  

Foam Roller.  For Pre-hab.  For warmups.  For a conversation-starter.  Almost as good as massage

YakTrax.  Run safely on local sidewalks, which typically feature a delightful array of salt, sand, water, slush, ice, and snow. C'mon – your treadmill "Murph" time doesn't count as Rx'd.


Awesome Crossfit Tees.  There are a LOT of choices here.  Try the STORE at CROSSFIT.COM first, but there are some pretty amazing choices available at some of the affiliate sites, as well as these two: LifeAsRx and AffiliateShirts. (we also have a new one for Christmas at our own store.)

Punch Card/Membership to your favourite local CrossFit Affiliate!  Find your affiliate here: CrossFit Affiliates.  Get your CrossFitter coaching to bring up weak links; get them more training; get them into an OnRamp program.  It's really the best gift out there.

PaleoKits.  If you're looking for CrossFit-friendly snacks, you can't beat PaleoKits.  Bonus: all proceeds go to Steve's Club, a nonprofit affiliate to help introduce kids to CrossFit.