Every Inch A Story

Our new facility – already lovingly nicknamed, “The Park” – in Industrial Park is brimming with success and triumph already. People have hit PRs here; they’ve gone to new highs, and plunged new depths of their own inner strength and resolve. In short, they’ve shed their skins, and washed them away with sweat.
Even putting the sign up front was a great story: the contractor arrived with the SkyJack (a little portable hoist) to put it up, but was a man short. He asked if I was better at lining up picture frames or holding heavy stuff steady. Of course, I was opting for any answer that would get me up in the lift! Plus I’m bad at the ‘picture frame’ option.
He was hesitant. “You need a fall arrest harness,” he said. I had one in my truck, which surprised him. “We use it for pulling trucks.” I explained. That surprised him more. He looked at my shoes (the Chucks!) and told me I couldn’t go up without steel toes. I showed him the kettlebells: if one dropped on my toes, no boot would save me!
Moral of the story: he was on the ground, I was in the hoist, and the sign is straight.

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