Fryia's 'Plan B'


Brent Fryia’s a guy I admire. I’ve liked him since I met him a decade ago. He knows more about training – preparation, coaching, mentality, and physicality – than 99% of coaches and athletes out there. He’s done a lot already, and he’s right on the cusp of a great career as a MMA fighter. Oh yeah, he’s a teacher at CASS, and part of our Training Team (wrestling.) This email from Brent this morning sums up why I like Brent so much:

I’m not nearly as fight ready as I’d like to be. I cranked my knee about three weeks ago and thought it was nothing… and then it didn’t go away and it’s still bugging me. I haven’t been able to train quite the way I would like, but such is the nature of the sport. The guy is pretty good but I’ve got some good scouting on him and we’ve put together a game plan that should work. And if it doesn’t, there’s always plan B (Swing for the fences).

….no complaining, just a statement of fact, identification of a possible problem, and solutions to match. Excellent preparation, willingness to share success with a team (we’ve put together a game plan…, referring to his training buddies at Jim Liguori’s facility) and BONUS: a plan ‘B.’

How can you help but like a guy like that? Have fun this weekend, Brent!

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