Today is Catalyst’s ninth anniversary. But I’ve written our history before. Today, I want to talk about your future. Because if I can quit a good job and open a gym with a new house, new baby and new wife…you can face down anything.
I’m not brave by nature. I was a shy kid, an introverted teen, and a pretty frustrated young adult. But entrepreneurialism pulls courage out of you, bit by bit: you show up and speak at an event because you don’t have any other option. You work seventeen-hour days because your kid needs to eat. And slowly, you get used to pressure. New challenges are more easily solved, thanks to hard-won lessons in the past. You learn to trust your own capacities.
Not all of these lessons came from a spreadsheet. Most came first from a barbell. You’ll learn them, too. And those lessons get strapped to your chest when you walk out the gym door. They’re for keeps.
When you meet your scowling boss after a workout, you’ll smile. Having already overcome toes-to-bar, no quarterly report will get you down. Called onto the carpet? No problem; you just left the platform. You got this.
“I got this” is our product. It’s our theme for the next year. You’ll see “#igotthis” on shirts, pictures, PR boards. It’s a celebration and an opportunity: try this, try again, try more. It’s exclusive to Catalyst (a workout that takes you out of your comfort zone is always more effective than one that takes you out of the saddle in spin class. It’s natural law.) Go ahead and use it at every opportunity.
This year, let’s celebrate our new building, our PRs AND the Catalyst family. #igotthis, and so do you.