Is Fitness an Inconvenience?

By Coach Denis

“But it’s an inconvenience.” We hear this often when we ask people about setting aside time to work on their health and wellness. 

Life is busy, and many of us tend to put our own wellness towards the bottom on the ‘what’s important’ list. Ensuring our kids are active, working extra hours or tending to our aging parents takes priority over setting aside time for ourselves.

Trying to find the time between getting your kids to practice, picking up groceries and getting the laundry done means that taking 30 minutes for a workout becomes an inconvenience. Sometimes though, the ‘inconvenience’ is in our attitude, and we will find any excuse to not get to the gym or go for that walk. 

Here’s the thing – life is one inconvenience after another.  Ever hop in your vehicle in a rush to get to work because you’re running late, only to come out to a flat tire or a car that won’t start? THAT’S a real inconvenience – but you wouldn’t stop driving because of it. You’d find the time and a way to get your car repaired so it is ready for the next day.

As humans, we have adapted to knowing that things never go as planned. We even have an expression that says ‘plan for the worst and hope for the best’. 

Make time for health now, or REAL inconvenience later!

The truth is, if you are not attending to your fitness then you have made a decision. That decision is not to partake in any physical activity to improve your overall health and wellness. If you keep making this decision, you’ll find that the ‘inconveniences’ will compound.

If we look after our health and wellness, we can avoid this pile up. By taking care of ourselves, we can avoid the real-life inconveniences of multiple medical appointments for whatever ailments come along with you not being well. We can help to ensure that we have an independent lifestyle by being able to get ourselves in and out of bed, or on and off the toilet.

Independence means we can do what we want, when we want, without self-induced ‘inconveniences.’ This means we have more time to travel, to visit our kids and grandkids, or participate in whatever social activity you deem important.

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