Meet a Member – Chelsey Ladouceur

Chelsey decided to continue the amazing fitness journey she began on her own when her motivation was diminishing. She had worked very hard on her own and lost weight, but had reached a plateau.

With a physically and emotionally stressful job and very busy home life, it was a challenge to keep making progress. She decided to contacted Catalyst Fitness and Nutrition early in April, and hasn’t looked back since!

Chelsey began Nutrition Coaching and started working with a personal training Coach, as well as jumping in to zoom group classes whenever possible.

In just 6 weeks, Chelsey has achieved so much through her dedication, healthy nutrition habits and consistent mindset work with her Coach – by trusting the process and sticking with the plan!

Catalyst Changed My Life!

When asked to express her thoughts regarding her experience with Catalyst so far, here is what Chelsey had to say:

“Catalyst changed my life! When I got in touch with Miranda, I had already lost 50 pounds on my own, but I felt like I was at a plateau that was never-ending. I was ready to give up on my fitness journey. I tried changing my workout routines, kicking it up a notch, cutting out more foods, but still nothing.

Since my virtual consultation, I’ve learned so much about nutrition. I’m eating way more than I ever thought I could. Food is becoming fun again!

I didn’t think the Zoom workouts would be enough; I’m at home with no equipment. I was so wrong! I feel like my fitness level has taken a big jump since starting with Catalyst! The coaches are all there to support you and genuinely care about you.

The best thing I’ve noticed so far, is that Catalyst is a family. All the members are rooting for you. On your good days – and even more on your bad days. I’ve made some friendships with some people that I haven’t even met in person!

Everyone wants to help you do better, they all support you, they all answer questions and guide you. They all prove to me everyday that I made the right choice for my health and for my happiness.”

Catalyst can help you transform YOUR life too!

If you are seeking life-changing assistance, look no further. Start now!

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