Players v. Athletes

I frequently refer to Crossfit participants as ‘athletes,’ and for good reason.  They’re extremely dedicated, they compete (at least with themselves,) and we treat Crossfit WODs like an event.  Preparation for a WOD includes proper eating, good rest, and real restorative methods, not just tossing a dirty gym bag full of old socks into your trunk in the morning. 
At Catalyst Athletic, we belong to two groups: Crossfit athletes, and athletes preparing for a specific sport.  These particular folks – let’s call them Players as a point of differentiation – have goals that are less broad than a Crossfitter.  While Crossfit advocates a broad, generalized fitness, Players of other sports must focus specifically on the needs – metabolic, cardiovascular, power-based, etc. – of that sport. 
Crossfit is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive.  Players, however, frequently must choose between exercises, depending on the phase of training, individual weaknesses, and preferences of their coaches.
While Crossfit workouts – general, broad, and inclusive – may be perfect for development of GPP (general physical preparedness, or work capacity) in the early offseason, Players must soon focus on work specific to their game, their position, and their opponent’s weaknesses.
Catalyst Gym is built for players and athletes.  If you’ve never done Crossfit, or watched the videos, or seen NCAA training facilities, it will seem foreign at first.  Train here once or twice, though, and you’ll see the logic behind it: we can accomodate large groups of people, going hard and heavy, at once.  We accept – no, embrace – cleans and jerks and snatches and chalk and weights being dropped.  Safety dictates that the only safe way out of a bad clean is the back door, and there’s no way you can spot that.  You’ve gotta drop the bar. 
We also need to be able to throw stuff, move quickly from one thing to another, and drop things without worrying about ceramic tile or downstairs neighbours.  We can do all that here without endangering other gymgoers, coaches, or expensive ladies’ sweaters (inside joke.)   Function takes priority over form here.  Browse our pictures and you’ll see.  However, there’s nothing you CAN’T do, and do better, here. 
Need to gain weight, or bring your lifts up?  There’s no better atmosphere.  Need to hit a PR on Murph?  Can’t beat a bay door that leads straight outside after 300 squats.  Need to get your deadlift over 450?  You’re going to need a coach who’s been there, and space to yell and chalk and drip and do all the things necessary to move that sucker.
Those things are valuable for athletes and players both.  If you’re a Crossfitter, you’re an athlete.  Live an athletic life.