Why We Practice "Bright Spots"

Success requires motivation.

That’s why I study motivation more than I study exercise technique. After more than 20 years as a coach, I know the selection of exercises is secondary to your desire to perform them.

Here’s what we know about motivation:

  1. Success has to happen before you’ll become motivated;
  2. Success has to KEEP happening to keep you motivated;
  3. We don’t always recognize success when it happens. We’re pretty hard on ourselves.

That means we prioritize our PR board over a scoreboard, we track our progress in ChalkItPro, and we need to take five minutes every week to reflect on the GOOD in our lives.
The practice of thankfulness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. That’s why we call it a practice: it’s hard, we don’t feel like doing it–and then we feel better once we’ve done it.

“Bright Spots Friday” is our practice of thankfulness. Every week in the Catalyst Members group, we post our “Bright Spots”: things that went right, things we’re celebrating, and little ‘wins’ from the week.

Bright spots aren’t always directly workout-related (“I told my boss he needed to extend my deadline”) but practicing gratitude and thankfulness IS an exercise.

The first time, you’ll be reluctant to post your Bright Spots. “I don’t really know these people THAT well…they don’t want to hear about my life.” Or “I don’t want to share all my personal stuff…”

So I’ll go first. And I encourage you to follow with one TINY little Bright Spot. Make it workout-related to start, if that’s easier.

What did you do RIGHT, or do BEST, or do for the FIRST time this week? Share in the Catalyst Members Facebook Group.

We’re all family here. It’s a safe place. Look within, and start your weekend happy.

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