Something Will Happen.

Functional fitness is hard to define.
We’re not really getting ready for the worst-case scenario, because those dramatic events are unlikely to happen. There will be no burning building from which to carry a damsel; the car won’t need to be flipped off a child. These are the Ten-Out-Of-Ten, once-in-five-lifetimes emergencies for which no amount of squatting will prepare us. They’re fantasy.
Far more real are the daily risks: wearing a bathing suit to the beach. Lifting the couch without being bedridden. Self-abuse for breaking your “diet”–whichever one you’ve chosen this month. Guilt at the grocery store, judgment on the job: every day, one of these little things will try to jab you. If you get out of bed, something will happen.
Functional fitness means dealing with it.
Daughter needs a first-baseman? No problem. Son needs a running start on his bike? Birthday cake in the office? Pool party at your cousin’s house? No hard decisions, no self-doubt. Go or don’t go.
Strength is a big part of our program. But strength gives you more than muscles: it gives you confidence. We celebrate personal bests in lifting, running, and other physical stuff daily…but the personal LIFE bests don’t get written on the wall. They’re still there: a better job, a shorter skirt, a wider driveway.
Our coaches help you look forward. And you’ll develop the strength to stop looking back.
Functional fitness means education and inspiration. We do it every day. Just show up. Something great will happen.