“What am I getting myself into? I don’t belong here, these people are way too fit for me. I’m going to look and feel foolish trying to work out next to them. I should just go home.”

I’m sure most of you have had these exact thoughts when starting something new and outside of your comfort zone. 

These thoughts went through my mind as I prepared to enter the doors of Catalyst back then. There was a whole lot of doubt and anxiety going on between my ears. Fortunately, I quickly learned that the doubt, fear, and anxiety was all for not.  Walking through those doors changed my life. I don’t say this lightly – there have only been a handful of such moments. These include enrolling in the Canadian Forces, meeting my wife, becoming a father and of course, joining Catalyst in September of 2016. 

Allow me to back up a bit and be totally up front and honest with you. When I walked through the doors of Catalyst in 2016, it wasn’t for the first time! In fact, I had tried working out at Catalyst twice before. Each time I decided it wasn’t for me. I really can’t remember what happened the first time, I think I just had too much on my plate. My son was playing two competitive sports, and my wife was battling cancer. The second time, my lack of confidence prevailed as self-doubt and fear got the best of me.  I literally stepped off the rower mid-workout and walked out the door. 


So, what changed the third time through? Why would I even go back a third time? I knew they were on to something good at Catalyst, even if I didn’t see it clearly at first. While attending my one-on-one training, I had always noticed the comradery amongst the members and could see how much fun they always had, even while pushing hard during a workout. In 2016, that feeling of being part of something was exactly what I was looking for. I had started my fitness journey solo, but the progress had stalled so I needed motivation. I am so grateful that the first two attempts, along with the progress that Catalyst had achieved with my son, had planted a seed in my mind of what was possible. The third time around, in spite of being terrified of the unknown that lay ahead, that seed took root and I was mentally ready for the challenge.


Another important thing that had changed was the introductory routine at Catalyst. They transformed from a full throttle, ‘go-till-you-puke’ mentality into a coaching facility that recognizes every member’s individual progression is different and requires a different pathway or ‘roadmap’ to success. In my first two Catalyst experiences, I literally jumped into a workout THAT DAY.  I was completely overwhelmed! With ‘No Sweat Intro’ meetings and OnRamp added to the Catalyst journey, it made a world of difference.

The new member journey now provides an introduction and the teaching of fundamental concepts during the OnRamp program. These steps prepared me for regular workouts and although I was still nervous and anxious, OnRamp gave me the basic understanding of the movements. Above all, it showed me AND my coaches what my capabilities and my limitations were. This knowledge was my base for progress, through the expert guidance provided by our coaches!

In my next article, I’ll share how my first group class went, and describe how I went from being the guy hiding in the corner, to standing front and centre coaching my own group class.  Stay tuned!

If you are thinking of starting your fitness journey or looking for new motivation let Catalyst help you get on your way. Book your No Sweat Intro HERE and let’s get started!