Congrats! You’ve signed up for your No Sweat Intro (NSI), went for the facility tour and spoke to Catalyst about your goals, shared your potential roadblocks and have decided to give it a go. AWESOME! You’ve taken your first step on the road to a healthier you. Now what? Welcome to Catalyst Onramp!

Our Onramp program consists of 6 introductory sessions designed to understand the theory and basic movements and systems utilized in the Level Method framework. Onramp is a one-on-one learning experience allowing you to gradually build your confidence, so you feel comfortable moving into personal training or into one of our regular group classes. Onramp also has another purpose – when completed, you and your coach will have a strong understanding of where your fitness level is at. You will have the required knowledge to know which level to start your training sessions of choice, safely and smartly. With this knowledge, you and your coach will continue to ensure that you are moving safely, efficiently, and effectively to maximize the results of your efforts. 

How do I know what movements I should be doing? How much weight should I use?

One of the things we are most proud of at Catalyst is the implementation of the Level Method. This programming framework is designed to ensure that every athlete, regardless of abilities or fitness level, is receiving the optimum benefit from their workouts. As with martial arts, Level Method has colour-coded levels starting at white, going all the way to black and red for the elite athletes. When you have completed Onramp, you will have the knowledge of what level or colour to start your training. From here, your workouts will be tailored to your abilities ensuring that you safely complete the workout, at the proper intensity and with the desired stimulus in mind. 

Let’s look at a workout example: A new(white or yellow level) athlete would walk/jog 200 metres, perform step-ups to a box height of their comfort level, and lift dumbbells or an empty bar with a push press. The experienced athlete(purple to black level) would be performing the same workout with longer running distances, jumping to a specific box height, and lifting more weight overhead. The beauty of this method is that both athletes are working at personally suitable intensity levels, and both are benefitting equally from their respective workout.

During your Catalyst Onramp experience and beyond, your coach’s input along with the Level Method framework provides the opportunity to modify certain movements within each workout, so you are working on your weaknesses and developing your strengths. This magic happens all while sharing laughs and enjoying a level of care, and sense of feeling that you are where you are supposed to be, that you’ve never experienced at a gym before!

At Catalyst, we constantly work to set you up for success, and then we celebrate the wins with you! 

If you want to see what Catalyst Fitness and Nutrition is all about, email jamie@catalystgym.com or set up your No Sweat Intro by clicking here