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Why We're In This

by Coop
Yesterday I had a visitor.
He made an offer to buy the gym.
It was good. And frankly, I asked myself, “Do I really need to OWN this thing anymore?”
As most of you know, I spend my day helping other gym owners around the world. I love it. I also work with an increasing number of local business owners who need help. I love that too (and the Sault really needs it.)
I get to work next door, attend noon group, see all my friends every day. I only coach on Saturdays. So I thought, “I can do all of that without owning Catalyst. Maybe it’s time for someone new to make THEIR mark in the world.”
Then my nephew got some “weight loss” advice.
He’s ten.
The advice: don’t eat fruit. Ever.
If you’ve been around me for awhile, you know this stuff drives me to action. I lose my passivity in a heartbeat. I stop coasting and start writing, shooting video, hosting seminars. I make sure my little circle of friends knows the TRUTH, and then I try to pull others into our circle. I can’t stand misinformation, especially when it comes to fitness and kids.
I’ve been told, more than once, that I have a chip on my shoulder. And I admit that there have been many days when anger has pulled me out of bed at 4am when nothing else would. Anger has been the catalyst for at least one chapter in each of my four books (even Help First.) Is that wrong?
When a teacher tells a kid to lose weight, I get pissed. When local folks hustle fake supplements, I get mad. And when businesses close unnecessarily, I get writing.
I think education is my largest weapon. If I tell you about protein quality, you won’t be a pawn in a powdered-supplement pyramid program. If I tell you to squat, you won’t get trapped into a lifetime membership on a leg extension machine that you’ll never use.
Catalyst has always been about more than sweat, chalk and barbells. Catalyst is a manifestation of my truth. Coaching has been my medium for over two decades, and I still love to do it, because it’s my hour of opportunity to share joy, progress and truth.
I don’t let people sell supplements or anything else at Catalyst, because I can’t prove they’ll help you. I don’t keep many machines around for the same reason. I don’t make you sign contracts because those won’t help you show up. I don’t use my educational platform to push any agenda except fitness.
But someone else might.
Someone else might resent the 4am wakeup call and roll in late.
Someone else might let bad coaching slide.
Someone else might be less strict on pull-ups or class times or sign-in procedures.
Someone else might care less.
In the fall, we’ll have an incredible new program to empower local girls. We’ll invite the Catalyst family to a life-changing event (the Catalyst Games). And we’ll barbecue next door, expand our outdoor space and help you reach your goals much faster.
Catalyst won’t always charge the same rates, or have the same class times. Old coaches will get burned out, and new coaches will breathe new life into the gym. We’ll probably be out of stock on t-shirts again soon. In the context of Catalyst’s mission–to change lives with truth–these are little road bumps.
I started Catalyst because I needed a change in my life. But I’m keeping Catalyst because I need to change our little community. That’s why I’m in this.
Thanks for keeping me company. I’ll keep you company, and I’ll keep our company.