You Can Have It

Take a little kid who wants for nothing. Give that kid red hair, if you like, and take him to church. Tell him to pray, knowing that to a kid, prayer feels like a wishing well. What does that boy pray for?

Well, I know. It's a dump truck. Not because he needs one, or wants to drive one someday; or even because he has a big pile of sand. He prays for a dump truck because he can't think of anything else.

He doesn't get a dump truck. Doesn't matter.

Dump truck 
Thirty years later, he's got plenty on his mind. He'd love a new truck, thanks, but the bills are paid and the lights are on. Rent? Check. Heat? Chalk? Internet connection? Check-check-check. Million-dollar salary? Not on the list, bub. Doesn't matter.

Anything you really want, you can have. You have all the tools: an alarm clock, a memory, and – somewhere – a pebble.

One catch: the goal has to be worthy. Worth waking up to, worth lying down with every night. Worth obsessing about, worth an ulcer, worth a cold truck ride at 5am.

You, my friend, are not a scratch-off ticket; not a millimetre of soft rubber with the answer pre-printed beneath. This is not about chance, or fate. It's about putting a speck in your eye: you can look at other stuff, but it's always there, a black blur at the front.

You want to lose a hundred pounds? You can have it. Start living it. Want to clean 250lbs? You can have it. Better get started. Want to run 5k nonstop? You can have it. We'll show you how. Want to leap across the gorge? Can't do it in two small jumps…..but you can do it. Just gotta build the wings.

There's always the matter of 'wanting it.' "We just WANTED IT more," says the winning quarterback. But it's not want: you are the child who wants for nothing. It's NEED. Wanting may mean a tantrum and tears – but nothing that can't be cured with a good nap. But if you NEED it, you'll hold your breath to get it. Your guts will burn. Your knuckles will go white. You'll be forced down on your knees.

But that's where you'll find the foundation.

Build up from there.

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