You're Already Good At This

CrossFitters might seem like different animals.
We love our workouts. We talk about our workouts. We dress like we’re ready to workout right now. From outside the circle, we look like a cult.
But these things we do – squats, pushups, pull-ups and deadlifts – aren’t so alien to other cultures, and aren’t new to ours. Little kids in Kenya squat all day. Your grandma was probably stronger, at your age, than you are now.
We coach the things you’re built to do.
Your joints are made to work together. Your heart is wired to beat rapidly. Your red blood cells are inflatable, created to carry great amounts of oxygen at top speed, whiz-banging around corners and careening through tissue. You are created for movement and sharpened by ten thousand years of action.
You have not developed for cheese spread and talk shows. Nor for elliptical trainers, low-fat diets and three sets of eight to twelve.
Strip away the external levers and cams and electric motors. Remove the distractions; you won’t need television sets where you’re going. Stop worrying about your hair. Avoid the groin-puller and squat. Squat. Squat. Push, and pull, climb and run, pick up and carry. Sweat. Smile. Expose your inner athlete.
Your body already knows what to do. Fitness is the act of self-revelation: peeling back the layers , reversing those wrong turns and unlearning bad habits. You will remember the squat fastest if you try it in bare feet, just as you did as a toddler.
I’m not telling you to find fitness in 2015. I’m asking you to come BACK to fitness.
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