Nutrition Habits: Healthy or Hindering?

Try this! Think about the past 48 hours and reflect on everything you have eaten. 

Did you eat mindfully, without distractions, or were you shoving food into your mouth without really paying attention? 

Were you eating in front of the television or computer screen without keeping track of how much you were actually consuming?

Were you eating out of a bag or package, or from a dish with healthy portions?

Did you eat slowly and savour your food, noting the flavours and textures, or did you wolf it down barely tasting what you were eating?

Did you respect your hunger and fullness cues, or ignore hunger pangs in the morning, and then eat until you were popping the button on your pants in the evening?

These questions can help you realize whether your nutrition habits are HELPING or HINDERING your journey to your best version of you. The KEY to achieving your fitness and nutrition goals and building DEEP HEALTH is establishing a healthy relationship with food.

Eating mindfully is a skill that can help you build a healthier relationship with food. This means reducing distractions, putting your utensil down between bites and chewing thoroughly. 

Tracking what you are eating is another skill that will increase your awareness of how much food is actually getting past your lips, and what times of day it is happening. Timing of food intake is also impactful, and there are multiple options for how to track the volume and timing of food intake, NOT JUST using an app. It is crucial to find the method that works for you, so that you enjoy reviewing what you have recorded and continue to track.

Your Catalyst Nutrition Coach has awesome tools and practical strategies to teach you mindfulness when eating – one step at a time – to help align what you are eating with your overall health and fitness goals!

To find out more about mindful eating and other skills that you will learn through Nutrition Coaching at Catalyst, book your Healthy Habits Intro Call today. Whether you prefer to meet in-person or receive online coaching services, we can help.

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