Exercise Is The Easy Part

Bad news: CrossFit isn’t hard.
Just kidding: CrossFit is hard. In fact, it’s just hard ENOUGH.
But CrossFit is so successful because it makes exercising simple. You know what time to show up; you’re told exactly what to do to get optimal benefit for your time. You push a lot harder than you would on your own, because you work out with a group of training partners. All you really have to do is show up–and if you DON’T show up, we’ll call you. Seriously. You’re lucky we don’t come to your house.
As soon as you sign up, exercise becomes the easy part.
But we’re not with you all day and all night. Your pushup partner from noon group isn’t leaning on the kitchen counter beside you at 9pm saying, “Stay away from the carbs.”
We need to help you more with your nutrition. We know that. But it was really driven home for me this week.
Sitting at the kitchen table of Greg Glassman in Portland, OR yesterday, he told me, “If you’re working out hard but going crazy on carbs, you’re not doing CrossFit.”
Greg is the man who started CrossFit. There are over 14,000 gyms worldwide now who coach his exercise program–the most effective in the world. Catalyst is one of them. He’s been a hero to me for a decade.
“You can’t just get people off the couch. You have to get them off the carbs.” After a full day of travel and thousands of dollars to reach him at his home for a one-hour interview, that’s what he told me.
I said, “Well, why aren’t people just eating better? They’re sure training hard.”
He said, “Because exercise is the easy part. You make it fun for people. You have this whole community in Sault Ste. Marie of care, support and fun. But you don’t do that for nutrition.”
Now, we have the most caring and fun Dietitian in the universe at Catalyst. Karly Meincke is HERE. Her office is right next door.
We also have an InBody – the most reliable measuring device for body composition in the world. It’s a $10,000 machine. And we don’t use it to measure your progress enough.
Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about our nutrition challenge starting November 1. These are kickstarts to help you get onto a sustainable nutrition plan for life. Karly doesn’t like saying, “Don’t eat this” or “eat more of that”, and neither do I. But focusing on a single factor can give you the Bright Spot you need to move on to larger change. I believe in that.
Off the couch? Easy. Off the extra carbs? Not easy. But we’re going to help.