The Annual Fish Fry

Nutrition is a Lifestyle

Saturday, Miranda and I attended a friend’s annual Fish Fry. We knew there would be mostly deep fried fish and other foods you see on an appetizer menu from any local Bar & Grill. However, all parts considered we decided to attend. She said;

“It’s going to be hard not to overindulge.”

And she wasn’t wrong. We could have said forget the fish fry. Let’s stay home this year. Avoid the temptation, we’re working towards a goal that doesn’t involve deep fried foods.  Absolutely!

But where does that leave us? At home, probably sad because we’re missing out on social connections with friends and family that are needed more now than ever. Why? Because of some self-imposed restrictive rule regarding diet? That should never interfere with a choice of whether or not to attend and socialize with friends. Or worse, it could also lead to eating just as much at home because we’re depressed about not being with our friends.

How we help you!

At our home and at Catalyst we talk about nutrition and exercise as a lifestyle. We coach friends, clients, and family members to make different choices than what their current lifestyle is. We work on identifying what works best for each person to get the results they want. We plan and encourage them to make subtle changes each week so not to feel overwhelmed. Miranda recently learned a great analogy that she now uses in nutrition coaching – our health is like our bank account. We continuously build wealth by regularly making deposits (i.e. getting our workouts completed, eating our veggies, etc.). Once in a while, we make withdrawals(the occasional fish fry, a slice of pizza and some cake at a birthday). As long as we continue to make our deposits and gradually build up wealth, those withdrawals are not going to bankrupt our health!! 

It’s this kind of action that gets people the results they want, without fear of having to start a restrictive diet or a crazy exercise routine. We identify the goal you want to achieve and create a framework that blends well with your routine so you never have to say no to the annual fish fry. 

All of us have choices to make in our day to day lives. Our eating habits can get worse, or they can get better.  Whatever the struggle, we can help guide you to be the best version you want to be. If you’re thinking you need to kick-start your lifestyle for the better, Book a Free appointment here.