I was tired of trying to get into shape by myself.  Nothing seemed to work for me and I wasn’t seeing the results.  I then saw on Facebook some pics of friends who went to Catalyst and thought they all looked in great shape and that’s what I wanted to look like.  So I decided to join with a friend and try it out.  I totally loved it and have been doing it for over two years now.  I am addicted to it I guess you could say and feeling like I have some muscle.  lol

My proudest moment so far is when I first did a muscle up in the Catalyst games.  We were warming up and a few of the guys were trying muscles ups.  I had never done one before and didn’t really want to even attempt to do one because of failing.  I then thought what the heck do I have to lose and tried one out.  To my surprise and with a little bit of a struggle I was able to get a MU.  I was jacked and wish that could have counted for the workout.

When the time came, I was able to pull of 6 more in the workout.  I was so jacked after doing that, I then knew that as long as you put hard work into something and keep up with the workouts, you can do anything.

There are a few Catalyst stories. One of the best ones is when I wasn’t at a workout and someone (Rileigh) told another gym member that during kettle bell swings, I had an accident in my pants and that’s why I wasn’t there that night.  I did not however find out about that for a week after.  I was totally embarrassed (not really) but also found it funny.  I did set the story straight and said nothing like that every happened.  True story!


Editor’s Note: Ron is also known for bringing his rocking DJ skills to the evening groups