After a massive planning meeting, the Catalyst Coaching Team has released our 2017/2018 training calendar!

You can see the whole calendar here:

Some highlights:

Inclusivity – members get a special rate on specialty programs like powerlifting, weightlifting, and Open prep. You can also now train for competitions (like the Catalyst Games!) without becoming a member of one limited group.

Progression – Our specialty groups now follow a logical progression (from powerlifting to weightlifting before the Supermeet, for example) instead of simply being announced on demand.

Catalyst Games – now midsummer. The original intent of the Games was to encourage hard training through August. We think a move to midsummer will help you focus through July, but let you relax and enjoy the CrossFit Games a bit more in August too. Win-win.

The Intramural Open will feature four teams again. Training will focus more on skill acquisition (like getting your first HSPU or toes-to-bar) than on competing for a Regionals spot.

Varsity testing is now pre-scheduled for those kids and teens who want to measure their progress and possibly graduate to higher levels, like Varsity Sport.

The NEW fall event will be a combination obstacle course/fun run, and will probably include a cycling component. We have a partnership with our friends at Velorution to figure that out. But we’ll have a special prep course for you, don’t worry.

Badges – I want to help you write a better story. That means challenging you to DO stuff, and then rewarding you after you’ve completed it. We’re working on a way to better acknowledge those meaningful Bright Spots. For now, we’re just calling these “badges”. You’ll hear more after the Games!

My goal with Catalyst is to lift people to a better life through movement. This new focused calendar will help you overcome NEW challenges and celebrate them.

Let’s get even happier in 2018!