April OnRamp Group

Spring is all about change.  It’s about second chances – or third, fourth, and fifth chances.  Yes, when the snow melts, there’s still some garbage beneath.  Yes, we’ll endure some mud for a week or two.  But it’s nothing we can’t handle in anticipation of better things to come.

OnRamp is one of our most popular programs: it takes folks without solid exercise foundations, and turns them into full-steam locos in twenty-one days.  That’s a real feat.  OnRamp is something special.

But it’s got the wrong name.  We should have called it, “Jet Pack.”  Or, “SpringBoard.”  Or something more exciting.

Yes, an OnRamp is a gradual turn onto a higher plane.  It results in a change in direction, and that’s its purpose.  But that’s not the story of OnRamp.  These are:

She said. She stood there, a barbell at her shoulders. The gym was
absolutely silent; I was waiting to see what she’d do next. Finally: “
I never thought I could do that.

He’d been training at the Park gym for months.  His deadlift was a respectable 320lbs.  21 days later, he pulled a solid 415lbs.  That’s not progress; that’s a deadlifting miracle.  But that’s what technique does.

She started by driving past the gym.  Three times.  Somehow, our newsletter had found its way to her inbox.  It took her nearly ten minutes to get out of her car and open the gym door.  Three months later, she’s dragging in every friend she can find on facebook.  She can tell you how to deadlift; she knows what ‘fast elbows!’ means when her coach says it.  Her biological clock has rewound ten years.

“Just want to keep up with my kids,” he wrote on his release form.  His kids play soccer; run track; do gymnastics.  Now, they do it with him.

One of my favourite OnRamp’ers of all time just completed our Murph Challenge last weekend.  When she started – four short months ago! – she wouldn’t run a step.  Now it’s, “how many 400s are we doing?”

There are as many stories as there are OnRamp students.  In her charming way, Coach Whitney takes all comers, from every background, eases them through the CrossFit funnel, and they emerge – different.  They have the habits, the knowledge, and the drive to succeed.  No more second-guessing every workout; no more procrastinating; no more hating gyms with mirrors and the daily Treadmill Catwalk. CrossFit has changed them.  They’re not going back. There’s no Off-Ramp.

See why we need a better name?

7am.  21 days, every day.  A private atmosphere.  A small group. You, a surprising success.  Try it.

April 6 class – sign up now.  Small groups means we only take 8 people each month!