Catalyst Games: Twins, Triplets and Quadruplets

The Games are coming quickly! The deadline to sign up and receive a personalized Games t-shirt is this Friday.
The Team Category this year will include partners and teams of three or four.  Teams and Partners will be performing the exact same events! The workload for individuals will vary depending on the size of their group! Those with fewer people will do more work individually.
Now for the fine print! Each person must sign up and register separately. That means all 2-4 athletes must have an individual registration in the Team Category.  We will be asking for your Team Names as we get closer to the date to arrange for heats and times. Those who are in Pairs and doing the events prescribed will be ranked first, second, third etc. Those in Teams of Three and Four and completing the events Rx be scored in the same group.  We don’t want anyone benched because they can’t find a fourth! That being said, to keep things fair, teams of four must have two men and two women per team. Teams of Three must have at least one man and one woman per team.
Scoring for the first three events will be a combined time for the run and the hill sprint. The deadlift ladder will have the total weight divided by the number of team members for an average weight for the team.  Stay tuned for Event 4 to be released soon!