Catalyst Varsity: Spring 2014

In the constant pursuit of athletic excellence (and youth preparation for sport,) our Varsity program has changed a lot over the last eight years. Now it’s upgrading again, but the cost will stay the same. We are a proud CrossFit Kids Certified coaching staff and affiliated facility!
Varsity: Tues and Thurs at 5:30; Saturday morning at 11am
Tuesday: athletic skills development. Footwork, speed, agility, metabolic conditioning and acceleration.
Thursday: strength and power
Saturday: Long-form conditioning, including longer CrossFit WODs, run intervals, and obstacle course training.
Our Varsity athletes may choose to compete in the CrossFit BrandX Varsity Gauntlet every few months, or apply their elite levels of fitness to another chosen sport.
Varsity athletes track their workouts and nutrition.
Junior Varsity (8-12): Tues and Thurs at 4:30; Saturday morning at 10am
Tuesday: general skills development in preparation for sport, following the 10 general skills:
Speed – Power – Endurance – Flexibility – Balance – Strength – Agility – Coordination – Stamina – Accuracy
Thursday: Skills day – build on gymnastics, sprinting, calisthenic and basic movement skills.
Saturday: Challenge day. Fun workouts, races and obstacle courses to build a broad base of fitness!
Junior Varsity athletes focus on building skills and habits that will make learning new sports easy and encourage a lifetime pursuit of fitness. We’ll introduce a 6-level progression system this week; Junior Varsity athletes can test their progress on different physical challenges, and see improvement as they move up.
Progression from Junior Varsity to Varsity:
Some athletes with exceptional body awareness and emotional maturity will be invited to ‘test up’ to Varsity levels before age 13.
Following the Junior Varsity 6-level progression (noted above,) athletes will successfully demonstrate proficiency beyond Level 6 in all technical skills. These will be known in advance. Athletes are invited to ‘test up’ to Varsity at the sole discretion of the coach – not the athlete or the athlete’s parent.

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