What Football Players Need

How do you get speed, power and strength?
A solid strength program, based on foundational lifts (the squat, front squat, deadlift, cleans and presses.)
Progression from strength to power, and power to speed. Linear periodization. Improved Rate of Force Development.
In short, they need a barbell, and a coach who can teach the barbell.
There’s other stuff, of course: agility and conditioning. But strength comes first. In University, football players are going to deadlift, squat, clean and press…why waste time on ineffective machines and isolation exercises in high school?
Lift heavy stuff. Jump, sprint, push, carry, pull. It’s hard work with clear results. Like football.
In January, we’ll bring back the Power Athlete program at Catalyst. 10 weeks, two coached sessions per week, Open gym time, and homework. Expert coaches who have worked with power athletes for decades and study every day.
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