FOOTBALL Preseason Strength and Conditioning

The Super Bowl is still almost a week away.

YOUR time is NOW.

Be stronger. Be faster. Be more powerful. Walk like a bulldozer; run like a rocket.

You've seen what the best players in the world are doing: they're not using the Pec Deck. They're flipping tires, swinging sledges, pushing sleds. They're learning the lost art of the Clean and Jerk. They're bigger, stronger, and faster than ever.

Opportunity knocks. Will you seize the day?

217651_1600759829138_1540326807_31142548_3579026_n Commitment. Hard work. Sweat. Consistency. Intensity. That's what this program costs. What's it worth? It's priceless.
How much? $400 (members,) $520 (non-members, includes membership for the duration of the program.) Plus HST, blood, sweat, and tears.
Wednesday evenings at 8pm; Saturdays at 1pm. February 1 – April 21. Get it on. 705-256-1344 or

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