Gavin Grant Rowing Seminar

He’s the world-record holder for most metres rowed in 30 days (over a million.)
He’s training with Concept2, and world-class cyclists.
He’s faster than you.
On January 21, Gavin Grant brings his no-nonsense (okay, a little nonsense) approach to coaching on the rowing Erg to Catalyst.
Is the only progress you’ve made in your rowing in 2011 to start calling it, “The Erg?” Maybe even, “I’m just going to erg…” You’ll learn a LOT.
Here last year? Rowing superstar? He’s got NEW tricks for more power and less effort.
Best part: it’s a fundraiser. For $10, you get to hate rowing less. You ALSO get to help Joe and Marnie give kids in Thailand the gift of sport. They’re headed over at the end of the month to help (with Kiera and Maija) and you KNOW Joe will be showing the kids how to squat. If it’s possible, they’d like to leave something behind, like a soccer pitch. Either way, those are some lucky kids!
You can register online here, or call 705-256-1344.

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