Green Army 2014

The Green Army is our competitive CrossFit Team. The Green Army training group is open to those seeking high-level, high-volume training even if they don’t plan to compete in fitness events.
The Green Army paradigm is changing.
Over the last two years of travel for HQ, it’s become clear that the greatest athletes have a few things in common: 1. They stick with a singular program. They don’t add or subtract. 2. They are skill biased. They do many workouts with less than their max weight. 3. They set an example for everyone around them.
Catalyst is also changing. We are living up to our potential: to educate and inspire. You fill a large part of the ‘inspiration’ piece by participating in the Green Army. You don’t have to win every WOD, but your behavior sets the tone for everyone else.
We’re VERY excited to introduce our new programming at Green Army group tonight. The next 16 weeks will build a very advanced skillset. We’ll build capacity on that foundation, so it has to be solid. This will mean gymnastics skill work, weightlifting, and capacity work in one day. Each day builds on the previous one, so if you miss a workout, complete it before moving on. If you have to split them up, no problem; start with the missed work on the next training day.
Beginning tonight, Jess Sally will take over as head coach while I (Coop) do the programming myself. Jess is a USAW coach, which will help with our weightlifting progressions, and a VERY thorough teacher. She’ll be giving you weekly video progressions to reinforce the coaching you get in class.
As leaders in the gym, think of yourself as top students: your potential to learn is the largest of anyone. Here are the attributes of top students:
First, you decrease the weight on any lift until it looks GREAT. Not good,  but GREAT. Perfect. If that means ‘Fran’ is done with an empty bar, do it. Set the example.
Second, you do the HARD things, even if you don’t like them. ESPECIALLY if you don’t like them. Sometimes that means mobility; sometimes that means doing a beginner-level exercise to benefit your advanced-level study.
Third, you don’t cut reps. Ever. You finish last, or not at all, before you shave reps or cheat. I can give you the ‘cheating yourself’ speech, but I’d rather just remove you from the group if I see it.
Four, you are a student. You are not a coach. Enjoy learning. Do NOT overwhelm your fellow students with tips or advice. They are new beginners; we are veteran beginners. The right cue comes at the right time; not before, and it’s up to your coach to deliver the right cue at the right time.
Five, the internet probably won’t help. For demonstrations, sometimes. But most things posted online are posted to garner attention. Some is dramatic. Some contradicts what science knows; some uses pseudoscience to support its weak case. The experiences of others do not dictate our strategy. We do not follow ‘different’ for its own sake. Cherrypicking workouts from other sites will negatively affect your progression.
Six, we track. “That was horrible,” “That was painful,” “It was okay…” aren’t trackable. We want times, done to Open standards, on everything. Our PRs will be unblemished by poor form or short depth.
Our reputation at live events is that of the ‘friendliest.’ Online criticism of anyone–including CrossFit HQ–is a very bad idea for anyone who wants to represent Catalyst. We may debate methods in the gym, but citing or supporting a baseless opinion is the antithesis of your job: to educate and inspire.
There are the ground rules. If you can live by these minimum guideposts, you’re welcome to participate in the most comprehensive program we’ve ever offered! We’d love to have you on the team.
Mondays 5:30-7:00 / $40 per month (plus HST.)