Open Prep 2017

You’ve been wined and dined by Ben, Rileigh, Adrianne and Kubis. They’ve promised sweet t-shirts, bribed you with promises of food (cough, Lisa, cough). You’ve chosen a team, signed up on, selected CrossFit Catalyst as your affiliate and chosen Green Army as your team.

Now what?


Start training!

There’s still enough time to add to that skill set. Starting on Saturday, join Coach Ty for 90 minutes of coaching! This won’t replace the 9am group, but from 10:00am until 11:30am, you can build on what you know! Sign up for all 4 weeks is $65, plus hst, or an $18 (plus hst) drop in fee. See the topic schedule below!

Saturday January 28:

  • Warm up, recovery routine ty-bar-mu
  • Kipping, Pull ups, T2B, CTB, Wall Ball and Burpees
  • Gymnastic skill strategy work
  • Practice in wod format 
  • Issue homework

Saturday February 4:

  • warm up, recovery routine for lifting
  • deadlift, clean and snatch
  • barbell strategy work
  • practice in wod format
  • issue homework

 Saturday February 11:

  • warm up, recovery
  • HSPU, Box Jumps, Double Unders, Overhead Squat, Overhead Walking Barbell Lunge
  • Strategy for gymnastic and barbell combination wods
  • Practice in wod format
  • Issue Homework

Saturday February 18:

  • warm up, recovery routine
  • thrusters, push press, bar/ring muscle-ups
  • strategy for gymnastics/barbell combo
  • practice in wod format
  • issue homework